26 September 2015

Saturday Workshop

I went to a workshop at Pauline's Patchwork in Dorchester.  The class was tutored by Quilt Artist K3n, Kathryn Chambers, called Stitch a Rainbow.  The morning was taken up with cutting and layering 0.75" strips of fabric in, as the name suggests, in a rainbow of colours.  Some ladies in the group made a lot bigger pieces but for me my piece was around 23" x 10", as I didn't want to spend a long time on agonising over colours, and I did get to some points over the colour choices where it became difficult. After a lunch break it was time to sew.

I think there could have been a less marked contrast between the yellows from golden yellow to lime yellow, but not bad.

The stripes, attached to wadding needed to be stitched down, starting with a straight stitch where the strips overlap. More stitching was added, with some fancy machine stitches added.  I've stitched from the bottom purple strips and got as far as the yellow strips, by the time the class ended.  

More to complete with the addition of some free machined 'bubbles' that we were shown, together with some Applique circles, which I think will added a bit 'extra' to this piece.  I'm looking forward to working during the week on this piece.

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  1. That's really pretty, I love rainbows xxx


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