20 September 2015

Old Quilts

Yesterday I started a clear out of the built in wardrobe in my sewing room.  It seems very congested at the moment and I do need to clear some stuff, so I've got out some older quilts from the top shelf and laid them out onto the bed for a bit of airing. I thought I would take this opportunity to show you a couple of quilts I made a long time ago.

This is quilt was a mystery quilt using Debbie Mumm fabrics (so this does date this quilt, this designer hasn't had a fabric range for years) which was run by Bramble Patch in Weedon by post.  At the time I saw it advertised in one of the quilt magazines and I liked the style of fabrics.  I can't remember how long the mystery went on for, but had a standing order and each month was sent a pack of fabrics and this is what I made

Before being stuck at the top shelf of the wardrobe it did drape over the recliner chair in the living room.  It's size is 52" wide by 63" long so would fit a single bed, though we don't any single beds in the house any more.

Here's a close up
and another
They were lovely fabrics and even getting this quilt out makes me smile

And I even made a label too

There we are it was made between July 1999 to May 2000. Wow, finished that over 15 years ago!

This small quilt. just 24.5" square doesn't have a label (tut,tut!), but as the shop where I got the idea from closed about 2005/6 its probably about 2004-ish.  Another collection of fabric, this time from Thimbleberries, who made country style fabrics. to make a nine block quilt of 6" blocks. These were using a fat quarter pack.

Although I had the idea, I didn't have a pattern so it was a case of searching for quilt blocks that would easily convert to that size.   There is a mistake in one of the blocks, I know it's there but I'm not going to tell you where that is.
 Here's a close up of one of the blocks and the sashing.  I didn't want plain square cornerstones in the sashing, so added small triangles and I remember those were fiddly but added another dimension to the quilt. Can you tell by now that I like stars?
There was a quarter left but wasn't big enough to back the quilt so added another fabric to 'frame' it.  As I said no label, but it did have a hanging sleeve. I think I may put this right and get that done sometime soon.

I hope you've enjoyed these old quilts.

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  1. These are fab! I think I found the mistake, but only because you said it was there! (Bottom left, bottom left?) I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said!


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