12 March 2017

Bit of this, bit of that..

End of February and beginning of March was dogged by illness, others, not mine, but the effect was not much was done.  Everyone is well now so hopefully onward and upward.  

There is one finish, which I'm not going to show yet, that of the clown. It'll be Isobel's birthday next week and we are going down to Sussex to visit so I will be able to show Godfrey Gadabout after then.

 I started on my Attic 24 Cosy blanket kit on the 1st and this is progress to date
I found the pattern, which I thought I'd lost. I've been crocheting this while watching tv in the evening. 

I've really caught the crochet bug and bought a book the other day in Smith's. The branch in Poole is stocking more craft books, which could be dangerous!

100 Granny Squares, this might keep me busy for a while, though this solid Granny Square wasn't in it!  I saw the instructions on Sandra Cherry Heart's blog after seeing a few of these on Instagram. I liked that the book has English Crochet terms and has some lovely floral blocks.

I haven't neglected my sewing and in finding some picture panels I made a cushion with cats on, for which I have a recipient in mind, more of that another time but here's a few pics
I took the whole panel and simply quilted around the pictures and frames and using the wiggly stitch machined in between the pictures.  The panel was bordered with a fabric with stars on a blue background.  I had to improvise on the back as I ran out of that fabric.
So I found another fabric with stars on a blue background. Job done.

I also made a boxy pouch this morning too.  There is a charity sale soon so I will be making a few more of these. This takes just about an hour to make by making the block quilt as you go so it's already lined but I do have to zigzag seams after joining,
Keeping busy today I also managed to do some baking too. Making a banana loaf using a Lorraine Pascale recipe and also some ginger rock buns. 
Isn't that what Sunday's are about?  A day, mostly at home, doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

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  1. Ooooh I love love LOVE the crochet blanket! And the cat cushion too!


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