18 March 2017

Today is ....

So today I have been sewing. Unlike some other years where either I've helped arranged something or have been to a quilting event I'm sewing at home alone and using social media to chart my progress.

I wanted to use quilt as you go squares to make zippy pouches for Project Hope to sell Cherry Tree Nursery next Saturday. This will raise funds for materials for quilts for teenage cancer patients. I know that the pouches have sold well.  I haven't had time today but I was also thinking of making small round pouches for ear buds so will have a go one evening this week.

I've shared photos on Instagram (@suewilduk) and on the UK Quilter's United page on Facebook during today.  I made all 4 squares and by lunchtime one was completed.
This was on my bed settee with the Keep Calm cushion in the background.

By mid afternoon, time for tea (no cake to go with it, mind) I'd finished 3.
Afterwards the 4th one was finished 

Then I added the one I finished one evening earlier this week
They look so colourful. I'm pleased to use the day to make something useful and have a lovely relaxing day.  I hope that whatever you've been doing for International Quilting Day you've had an enjoyable one too.


  1. What a lovely day spent sewing for a good cause. The pouches look so fresh and such a nice array of colours!

  2. They look great! Well done!


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