29 March 2017

Finish A Long 2017 1st Quarter

Sarah of Sew Me reminded that the first quarter was almost over and time to post of progress with outstanding projects. We haven't had internet for over a week so this was the first opportunity for me to update my blog.

Here were mine, three quilting and one knitting projects

1. Dolly Dress Up Quilt
2. Frivols Quilt
3. Godfrey Gadabout
4. Hexies

Out of the four I have one finish - Godfrey Gadabout.  He was knitted and given to my granddaughter weekend before last.

Here are a few pics
 This was how he looked at the beginning of February, body made, hair, nose and hat brim added but still had to have arms, shoes and other bits to go on.
 This photo was back in January and keeping all those bits and pieces together in a poly bag
 All finished, ready for his travels
And another view before he departed to West Sussex.  Isobel was delighted with Godfrey.  He comes from a knitting pattern book called Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Clowns, The Red Nose Gang and she has a website here.  Amazingiy this lady has now just retired at the age of 83 and won't be producing more patterns.  It's nice to know that her clowns are still appreciated and knitters will still enjoy knitting the clowns.

For my other projects the Dress Up Dolly quilt has not been lingering.  This is a slow project but I can say that progress has been made with 7 out of the 9 blocks finished and trimmed.  This will be joined quilt as you go method and I bought some red fabric at Farnham in January to provide the sashing strips.

They are arranged on the floor though this may change. The missing blocks are both Dresden ones, one sewn with markings to be removed and another still in progress with hand quilting. This will go onto the next quarter.

Next is the Frivols Quilt.  This has been layered and started machine quilting but has been on hold.  This will go onto next quarter.

Here's a view of the backing, which I bought last year and has so far done 2 quilts.

Lastly is the hexagons table centre which I haven't touched this quarter.  Now that lighter evenings are here then I may tackle that in the next quarter too.

If you look back at my blog I've had other things on the go with starts and finishes.

And my crochet blanket too

So keeping busy.

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  1. So many gorgeous project and you did such a good job with the knitted guy, I know your granddaughter will love it. Thank you for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global Finish-A-Long hosts.


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