25 June 2017

Losing It, Finding It and Losing It Again

I'm not being careless about my projects, don't think so anyway, but this is about weight.  Six and a bit years ago when moving back to Poole from Yorkshire I can back quite a bit heavier than I should be and started at a Rosemary Conley class in Bournemouth at 12st 12.5lbs.  Over the year and a half I got down to 10st 3lb.  That was 2012.

Five years on the weight I lost found me again and when I asked David for a photo to use for my Quilter's Guild member page this is what he forwarded to me.

Oh dear.  This was taken at the RHS Spring show in Malvern last month. I think drastic action had to be taken before Sarah's wedding in September.

I started going to a Slimming World class locally on Canford Heath, as Rosemary Conley slimming clubs  are no longer around.  I weighed in there at 12st 5.5 lbs, not as bad as before that bad enough.  After 3 weeks I've lost 4.5lbs and my clothes are starting to fit me better. I hope to lose a stone by the time of the wedding.  I'm getting used to a different kind of diet, but seems to be working, see how I go.

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  1. Sarah's Wedding coming up will keep you motivated Sue. My Daughter has lost over a stone since she started wearing a Fitbit watch. It records how many steps she takes etc. Our lucky Dog is getting longer and longer walks to increase our number of steps ! You will be 10 stone 3 lbs again soon Sue. Take care now. Marion


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