04 June 2017

Flaming June

Edit to post: I typed this on 4th June and saved in draft and didn't publish on the blog! 

Well it could be, but sometimes it gets a bit chilly too.  Here we are 4th of June and May seems to have flashed by.

I was pleased to have a finish in my last post and to have 2 of four proposed finishes done for this quarter with 26 days of June to go.  I've got another start and finish which I can't show just yet, not until later this month as its a birthday present, 

Also on the go is Crochet A Long (CAL) in Crochet Now magazine called Vintage Sweethearts, designed by Sandra Paul, aka Cherry Heart. She blogs and also does a video podcast on You Tube. This CAL uses yarn with a soft coloured vintage style palette for this design and I bought a yarn pack of Scheepjes Colour Crafter from the Wool Warehouse.

I was hoping that the last issue would arrive before we went on holiday but didn't so I didn't start on this until after I got back home.  So here are the first blocks.  They have all been blocked to the same size and there is a layout to stitch together but I haven't go around to that yet.

I subscribe to Crochet Now and got the latest issue early. David was out until late yesterday evening so I made another block
Followed by 2 tiny blocks
Yesterday also saw me sewing another seaside cushion cover, I really must get some cushion pads!
As you can see I'm part way through quilting this but I also have the backs done already.
These are the remains of the kit that I had from the Bramble Patch club earlier this year. In the top pic the fabrics on the top and bottom strips were those I already had in my stash, but they were from earlier Makower seaside collections and toned in well with what I had left in the kit from making the first cushion cover.

I'm still keeping busy!

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  1. Nice bag of goodies! I'm going to use up some of the balls (dozens) I have leftover for doing so many cardies for the grandchildren. Ive been looking at the patterns on Stylecraft Yarns.


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