05 July 2017

Finish A Long Quarter 3

My list contains 3 items, but there is more besides, but some won't qualify in this quarter and one will be ongoing.

1. Frivols quilt.  I must progress this, having not touched it in the last quarter.

2  Hexies.  The hexes are joined together and now having bought an alternative background fabric, some grey grunge, I've pinned this ready to appliqué.

3. Sock knitting.  This is a new item, started last weekend using short circular needles and the West Yorkshire Spinners yarn that I bought last Christmas.

The item that's ongoing is the Crochet Now Crochet A Long, Vintage Sweethearts.  The third part is out with the latest magazine. Here are parts 1 (bottom) and 2 on top of the magazine with part 3.

There is also a new (but secret) item for Christmas coming.  A knitting project which I can't reveal here and doesn't qualify for the Finish A Long as I have the yarn but haven't started yet!

At this point I will link my WIP's to the Finish A Long

2017 FAL

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  1. You have some lovely Granny Squares there Sue. Good colour combinations. I hope to be in Poole soon to visit my Brother. Are there any good Craft places I should not miss in Poole ? Marion x


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