06 July 2017

In Other News...

I'm typing this while I'm suffering a cold, which in the hot weather is not a lot of fun. I've stayed off work because it wouldn't be fair to pass onto others and I'm really tired but can't sleep, urghh.

Anyway my daughter and her fiancĂ© have moved into their new (brand new) house. It's taken a while as the sale of the flat fell through and another buyer had to be found and there is a short gap now between the purchase and the sale, but the advantage is they haven't had to move everything all in one day.  It's in a village just outside Dorchester, so whereas they were living in the town they now have to commute but there is lovely countryside around. 

The photo above was taken by my daughter which she shared on Facebook It's lovely inside too but of course full of boxes and lots of bits and pieces with no homes yet. We went yesterday to load the last few bits from the flat over to the house.

Before setting off for Dorchester I had to get myself weighed and found I've lost in total half a stone and have the certificate to prove it.

That was a real boost to my dieting efforts so far at the end of 5 weeks and it spurs me on to keep going. I'm now under 12 stone and next target will be 11.5 stone.

In my effort to knit socks on circulars, the short circular needles have been very tight and not knitted to the correct tension.  The size I used was 2.25mm and with the tight tension they were smaller than they should be.  I also have 2.5mm longer circulars 80 cm long, I think, so now knitting on those instead. With the short needles I had intended getting the 2.5mm but made an error on the online ordering so really couldn't compare like types in the same size.  So longer needles and magic loop method, which is ok but does look a little untidy on the back on front row end but does knit up to the correct tension and feels a lot better too.  I think I also prefer the metal over the wooden needles as the stitches slide easier when moving the front and back stitches along.
While I'm in this nasal state I can pick up and put down this sock knitting at will. 

I'm hoping to go to Romsey if I feel a lot better as there's a quilt exhibition at The Abbey which is always brilliant and also a chance to go to King Johns House, opposite with the lovely garden there.


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