24 July 2017

Another Catch Up Post

I've recently got a new iPad so have come up to date with the latest operating system (ios10) on which the Google Blogger app has refused to work.  It turns out that Blogger no longer has an app compatible with iPads so I can no longer post from this, so I am having to make time to type up from the desktop computer instead.

So what have I been up to recently?  The first thing I can show is something that I made for my daughter in law Carly's birthday back in June but only gave to her a couple of weeks back.  We bought her a new sewing machine as she sews fancy dress and outfits for photo shoots.  It came with a bag for storage but it now stores fabrics.  I made her a sewing machine cover and a small pouch to go with it.

This has been modelled by my own workshop machine as its the same size

I've even managed to use a facing for the hole for the handle, the pic below shows the underside.  I'm well pleased with how that went, not too bad a job.
and heres the small pouch
Carly was really delighted with the cover and pouch and she loves cats so fitted the bill well.

Ive also completed my socks (last post only showed one, now I have a pair!). Really pleased with the magic loop technique instead of double pointed needles.  So pleased I'm considering making another pair.  But here we are a "sockfie"
I had a problem with the toe decrease and it didn't quite match up with the first sock, but undid and knitted up again.  All sorted.  Just have to wash and block, but will wait until I have a decent bit of time to do it.

I'm continuing on with the Vintage Sweethearts CAL in Crochet Now and working on the third part of the series.  Here's a pic of one of the blocks, which I worked on Saturday evening and posted onto Instagram

So that's what I've been up to lately.

If anyone can suggest another blog writing app that I can use I'll try it out.  


  1. Carly's Sewing Machine Cover looks wonderful Sue. I LOVE the Cat fabric you used. Well done making a hole for the handle which looks very neat. Your Crochet looks perfect. Lovely colours. Socks too. Gosh you have been busy. Take care now. Marion x

  2. I use Blogsy on my iPad but can't find anything my phone will work with. The sewing machine cover looks great


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