09 August 2017

Busy Week

I've taken all this week off as holiday from work, it was only meant to be Wednesday (my day off) through to Friday, but we had my sister and her husband to stay with us while house hunting in Bournemouth.  They have got a buyer for their house in Burnham, near Slough, but need confirmation that their buyer will have a mortgage offer, so watch this space.   It was lovely to have them stay with us for a few days.

David and I are getting ready for a trip to Birmingham as it's the Festival of Quilts time.  I will be there on Friday and will be stewarding for the first time.  I will also be there on Saturday but as a visitor.  We also wanted to go into the city centre so we'll be travelling tomorrow and spending time in the city.  After a break from the Festival last year I'm really looking forward to going.

Not much on the creative front has been happening - a bit of secret knitting for Christmas, catching up with the Vintage Sweetheart Crochet A Long.  Here's a few blocks

I have done a few more since then, but these were the last of the blocks from the third part of this CAL.

David likes driving so I'm happy to be in the passenger seat and doing some knitting and this is what I'm taking with me - a bit of sock knitting.

This is Hermione's Everyday socks, a pattern by Eric Lueder, on Ravelry here. It has a deeper cuff than I'm used to but I'm sure once there is a bit more length to the sock it won't look too bad.  Its knitted in Stylecraft Head Over Heels sock yarn in Olympus in shades of pink, orange and beige. I keep my sock knitting in a little Japanese bag so this is nice and compact of a long journey.

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  1. I'm always impressed which people who can knit - and socks look the hardest of all!!


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