01 August 2017

One Month, Two Exhibitions

Earlier this month I wanted to go to Romsey Quilters' exhibition, but the cold/flu virus stopped me from travelling out to Romsey with a friend, so when I felt better I went with David and it was worth going to.  Knitters got involved by yarn bombing the bollards in the streets around the town, like this.

Really colourful additions to the town.

The exhibition was held in Romsey Abbey, a large imposing church in the town and when we arrived there was a lunchtime music concert with a violinist and pianist playing.

I love to take photos taking in the architecture around the Abbey along with the quilts.

Above are just a few of my favourites.

Just last weekend was Quarterjack Quilters' exhibition at Merley House near Wimborne, almost literally up the road from where I live.  Saturdays in my neck of the woods here in Dorset are usually busy traffic wise this time of year with holidaymakers coming to/going from their destinations, but managed to get there relatively easily.  A nice small exhibition and as I used to belong to Quarterjack Quilts some years ago it was nice to catch up with some people too.  They do quite a few group projects and workshops from these door themed mini block which hung from the ends of the quilt hangers
To the stitch and cut pieces

Some workshop painted and quilted pieces made at a workshop

And one of several Turning Twenty quilts

So that was two exhibitions last month and of course this month sees Festival of Quilts.  I will be going there this year (I didn't last year) on Friday and Saturday.  Really looking forward to that.

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