30 October 2017

This and That

Or bits and bobs, odds and sods.  Whatever you want to call it.  I don't like that British Summer Time has ended and the day is darker earlier, in fact almost dark by the time I get home from work.  I feel the first week as though I have jet lag and struggle until my body gets used to the new time.  Ugh!

Last weekend we had a lovely time in West Sussex where my son Alex lives, with his wife and daughters and it was nice to see them all.  Next weekend will be taken up with more visiting to my sister and husband in Berkshire then my brother-in-law and his wife in Surrey, so a busy time.

Anyway, Saturday before last I went Shepton Mallet in Somerset for the Craft 4 Crafters Show at the Royal Bath and West Showground.  It was a lovely to enjoy a drive in spite of the occasional heavy shower.  I went on my own as no-one else wanted to come with me, but it meant I could go at my own pace.  The reason was to see the Magna Carta quilt which is actually 8 quilts joined at angles to give a pictorial history of the Magna Carta, signed in Runnymede, Surrey, along with images of people who made history defending human rights.  The back side of the quilts had a pixilated view of of the Thames in greens and blues with names of people who contributed in some way towards the making of the quilt.  The quilt has been travelling to various locations, but this was the first time I've seen it.  It will eventually have a permanent home at Royal Holloway College in Egham, Surrey.
I've not taken pics but I did buy a booklet about the quilt, but have a look at the website link above for more details.

Near the Magna Carta Quilt was a collection of Canadian Red Cross quilts called Comfort from Kindness which was from the collection of the late Dr Anna Mansi.  There are several images from Google here, but for those unfamiliar to the quilts, these were quilts made and donated by people from Canada to the UK during the Second World War and were made from whatever fabric was available.  I did take some photos of these as I find these old quilts fascinating.

 The first quilt above was a nine patch made from assorted cottons, as you can see the yellow fabric hasn't worn quite as well as the others and has shredded.
 This one was of squares and rectangles in strips.
 A traditional Maple Leaf quilt
 I was wondering how this quilt above was tied, it seems to be quite a thick yarn that looks almost like bobbles.
This quilt was made from woollen patches, probably suiting or from coats?  I'm not sure.  It was difficult to get to find out as I didn't want to touch.

Although the show had some lovely quilts exhibited and quilt suppliers I didn't buy anything! I did buy a hand dyed sock blank, which is a knitted piece of yarn which has been dyed and can be unravelled and knitted into socks or a shawlette, in lovely rainbow shades.

When going to West Sussex we stopped briefly in Chichester as I found on Facebook just the day before that Chichester Quilters had an exhibition in the Assembly Rooms in North Street.  As the former Town Hall it was a lovely old building that holds the Mayoral regalia and charters given to the town, so that was as interesting as the quilts.  Anyway here are a few pics.

 The group had a workshop with Gail Lawther, whose bird designs were used in several quilted objects which are appliquéd though made to look like they've been stencilled. Very effective.
The lady who made this kaleidoscope quilt showed us how she made it from some Kaffe Fassett fabric, the back of the quilt had the who piece of the same fabric.

Then we saw pumpkins.  In the afternoon, David and I met up our daughter-in-law, Mary and the granddaughters to see the pumpkin display in Slindon, between Chichester and Arundel., which raises money for charity.

This is snakes and ladders made from different pumpkins and squashes and a very effective display. Below the flags are photos of displays in previous years.  Different varieties of pumpkins were for sale there too.

Want to see some pumpkin inspired knitting? Saw this yarn in Salisbury the other day which I went and bought.

This was a pic I put on Instagram (@suewilduk, in case you're interested). I tried a sample piece to see how this would turn out.  I have started knitting the Easy Lace Socks from the Winwick Mum blog.  I seem to have got the bug for sock knitting and quite enjoy making them and this is something a bit different.  I just hope I can keep track of the lace pattern!

So that's my this and that.

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