13 May 2009

2 Posts in One Day

Just to show that we don't go out and about every weekend, just seems like it, I thought I would show something that I've made and some things I've received recently.
If you've been reading my blog you will know that I am taking part in this year's BQL (British Quilt List) Challenge organised by Kandy Newton to make a 12 inch quilt a month. This month's is trapunto. Quilting the letters for MAY and I'd also quilted a couple of flowers before layering with more wadding and free machining the remainder of the quilt. I used a soft yellow with a print and the matching cotton was "lost" in the quilt and made it difficult to see for machine quilting. I then did another line of sewing in a slightly darker thread which turned out a lot better. I was also quite pleased how this photographed as sometimes it is difficult to see the quilting on wholecloth quilts.
Recently I took part in a postcard swap called Folded Wonders, swapping with 3 others in the Arts in the Mail Yahoo group. I had 2 already, shown in this post. This lovely snail (I know snails aren't normally lovely). This one came from Rita in Canada, which she called snail mail and it was worth the wait.

Something else I've received is a bookmark from Pam as part of the Embellisher group swap and a lovely surprise. I have been reading a lot lately with my commuting to Leeds every day, up until last Friday, when my temp job came to an end after 3 months. Reading is something I hope to keep up now that I've got a little more time on my hands now.

Something else I've received is from my friend Penny, who went to the Swanage Railway in Dorset the weekend before last. She collected some railway postcards and sent them both. I;ve also had cards this week - one from my colleagues from the job I've just left and another from the Bourne Quilters in Parkstone, who I haven't seen for ages. Which has reminded me that David and I have been in Yorkshire for almost 6 months. Hasn't time flown.

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  1. lovely work Sue, and lovely surprises in the post.


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