18 May 2009

Fabric painting and flip'n'sew

Last week during my first week of "resting between jobs" I did some fabric painting. A few years ago I was taught the technique of shaving foam printing. The lady who taught this didn't know who originated this type of monoprinting so I cannot credit anyone with this, all I do know is that it is fun discovering what effects this has on fabric and paper too. The above pic shows the lovely mess of foam, turquoise and pink paint.

The one below shows the fabric on the right having been peeled off the surface.
I spread a layer of shaving foam onto a laminated surface and dabbed spots of fabric paint. Using a fork I spread the paint around for a sort of marbling effect before placing the fabric on top of the foam for a few minutes. After peeling off I scraped off the foam to be left with the print. The foam surface can be used a second time for a more muted effect.

The photograph below shows my attempts at this. The purple one was not brilliant as I was trying to get more out of the foam on this one and it didn't quite work but still made a good working background to some stamping I went on to do (I'll show that in another post). Another one was just using drops of fabric paint and not spreading it so it was blotchy. The lilac one and the blue/turquoise ones were most sucessful. Some of these monoprinted fabrics have been stamped as well and they'll be used for next month's postcard swap with the theme of printing.

I've also made some postcards for a BQL postcard swap and they were sent out yesterday. The theme was flip and sew and I though of crazy patchwork, but turned into crazy log cabin instead. Using scrap bag pieces and keeping to a colour theme to each of the four cards. I'd added fancy sewing machine stitches and some other embellishments to keep some of the "crazy" look. I've had one postcard already and I'll put that on the next post. Here are the cards below.I'm also working on a bookmark for a swap in the Embellisher group and finishing the postcards as above. I think I may have to tidy my room, I'm having difficulty fitting things into drawers so need a good sort out (or bigger drawers perhaps?).

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