30 May 2009

South Yorkshire Gardens

Another second post for this month. I am catching up for the other week when I didn't post anything.

Today was such a lovely day with everyone seeming to be out and about making the most of the sunshine and David and I were no exception. We went to Sheffield Botanical Garden, where we had not visited since New Year's Day. Obviously a lot warmer than then and quite a bit more colourful with the azaleas and rhododendrons and a lot of perennial plants in flower, though roses were yet to bloom, but they're working on it.Above are some azaleas from the Japanese garden and below some rhododendronsThere is some art work dotted around the gardens and I could not resist taking a photo of this glazed pond with frog spawn and tadpoles. The writing around the edge of the pond reads "An iron rose, half open gates Show where a secret garden waits".And below is waterfall in the real pond, bordered with some Arum liliesIt was a lovely place to spend time for a picnic lunch and to have a wander. We hope to go back again in another month and see roses in the rose garden. They should be at their best then.

On our way home from there we made another visit to Brodsworth House to see the gardens. After a cup of tea in the house we had another wander to see more flowers. Lovely poppies.Through a rose pergolaThis a is fern dell, with the largest collection of ferns in the north of EnglandAnd lastly a view across the garden to the House. With the Monkey Puzzle trees against the blue sky it could almost look Mediterranean.
Can you tell that we are frustrated gardeners? We can grown things in pots at our rented house so it's a chance to enjoy what there is around elsewhere as well as making the most of the weekend. Tomorrow will be catching up day before venturing back to work on Monday.


  1. Lovely! We are so lucky here in the UK, with loads of wonderful gardens to go and look at - and the weather to keep them looking so green!

  2. Hey Sue, you could always come and do your gardening in my garden. Great pics, thanks.

    PS Just today realised that you had left an email addy on my blog for me, so I'll write today.

  3. We visited Brodsworth house when the younger two were tiny (poss 10 years ago) and the work had just started on the restoration (can you ise that word about gardens) it has come on so beautifully - gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for your comments on this post ladies. We did make the most of the weather as it turns out as the week turned colder!

    There is quite a lot of work been done on Brodsworth House and gardens and it is a lovely place for a walk round and to enjoy a cup of tea in the tearoom.



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