13 May 2009

Another day in North Yorkshire

Haven't posted for a while so thought it time to update the blog. David and I had another Saturday in North Yorkshire, this time visiting a small quilt exhibition near Driffield in a small village called Kilham. The exhibition was in the parish church so here's a couple of pictures (we were allowed to take photos) one towards the back of the church and bell tower, where there was a colourful log cabin hung over the balcony. The second photo is towards the altar.
It was a lovely exhibition in a lovely setting.

David and I then went onto Flamborough Head after a brief stop in Bridlington for lunch. It is noted for its lighthouse and we also discovered that there are some kittiwakes who seem to cling on for dear life on the cliffs of the headland. I was amazed that my camera could get a really good close up of the birds.

We were lucky enough to have a tour of the lighthouse, never having been inside one before. It is amazing that because of the magnification of the light through the powerful lens that the light does not use much power. In spite of the lovely blue sky, when we came from there and headed towards York, then home, the weather turned and started to rain heavily. The photo below shows the birds nesting precariously on the cliff.


  1. Well we may have brushed shoulders without knowing it Sue. I went to Kilham on Saturday with my friends and Sunday with my mum. I live in Driffield and, ahem!!, I have to say that Driffield and Flamborough are very much within the East Riding of Yorkshire, not the North (grin)!! I enjoyed the quilt show, saw quite a few folks I hadn't seen for ages and went home with some new ideas and additions to my "to do" list.

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