10 January 2010

Not being idle

Being snowed in was no excuse for not getting anything done and I wondered how I have the time to go to work!

I've recently rediscovered some T-shirt printing sheets that I've had for some time and have started to put them to good use in labelling quilts. Have taken part in the Calendar Quilt Challenge with BQL last year as I finished each month's quilt I added another label onto a Word document. I then printed off the page of labels and it's handy that the printer settings includes a Mirror image setting. Looks odd, doesn't it.
After printing, came the job of ironing onto fabric and sewing onto the backs of all twelve little quilts. That was done while watching television. Above is the back of October's quilt
Another thing that I've made recently are some selvedge postcards. I've saved and friends have given me selvedges and I dug the bag out and put them together on a calico backing sewing on with variegated thread. I then cut them into 3 postcard and an ATC size pieces. Just a bit of fun.

This year I joined a new Yahoo Group, called Liberated Quilters for those who like doing a liberated style, in the style of Gwen Marston, who will have a reissue of her book. Looks like that could be fun too. Look out for me getting more liberated this year!

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  1. I use T-shirt paper too. How do you fix the finished label to the quilt?

    Thanks for the Liberated Quilters mention.


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