10 January 2010

Snow photos

Above is my little red car which didn't get to work on Tuesday. There was a heavy downpour of snow which slowed down traffic and after half an hour of doing only a third of my journey I decided to return home. I'm glad that I had as the snow was falling much heavier by then. My car didn't move until Friday, but even then it was dodgy getting out of my road onto the road out of the estate and then the main road (which was fairly clear).

Next door's children built a snowman - soon as this was taken the poor thing was decapitated!
The next day cars were still unable to get out of the road. But I was able to make the 10 minute walk to the local supermarket for some shopping and this is the view on the walk back home, looking towards St Helens church and the line of snow covered trees.

And this is the back garden taken on Saturday after another bout of snow on Friday night. The snow on the table is about 8". Some of the snow on the chairs and bench fell of the backs and onto the seats making a thicker "cushion on them.

And today has been getting a little warmer, not much, but just enough to start the thaw and the snow on the table above is half the depth and has slid across the top by 2".

Lets hope the worst is over for this winter, but I don't think we'll have seen the last of it.

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  1. Doesn't it look pretty? I'm bored with it now though and think it's time for the weather to warm up. We had another dusting of the stuff last night. Just when I thought the thaw had started.


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