24 January 2010


This is the second time I've tried to post about the workshop I went to yesterday. The first time I accidently closed the tab I that my blog was on and lost it all. I've now discovered there's a preview add-on to Firefox (the browser I use) so I don't need to open another tab and close another by accident. I'll see how it goes.

OK, the workshop. I had a great time, there is always something to be learnt from a workshop and this one, Precision Piecing, our teacher was Philippa Naylor (her website is here), was no exception. The result of the day's work is on the photo above, with a Crown 12" block and learning the techiques used for making perfect piecing.

At the end of the day, we were given a demonstration about mitred borders and armed with a leaflet I spent some time this afternoon giving that a go and below is the finished block with its pink and red borders (the block is laid on top of green fabric). I am really pleased with my efforts on this. Perfect.

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  1. What a perfectly piece piece, well done Sue. It is so satisfying to have a good workshop and to take something away from it isn't it. May all your piecing be perfect from now on!


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