20 January 2010

Shopping and Surprise Late Christmas Present

Feel this week my blog should be "Sue W Shops"! I don't often do retail therapy type of shopping, but last Saturday, felt the urge to go to Meadowhall, in Sheffield. The snow had thawed and the weather a bit milder, though was rainy so not suitable High Street weather. By the time lunchtime came it seemed that half of Sheffield was in Meadowhall! But it was nice to have a mooch around the shops.

Because of the bad weather the sales in the shops had suffered so there were bargains to be had. I bought some tops in Laura Ashley and was tempted by some clothes in Debenhams, until I saw the queues at the tills! I also went to Radley and David treated me to this lovely handbag, which comes with its own pink bag to keep it looking lovely.

Anyway, that bit of retail therapy will last me for a while.

On Monday in the post came this lovely surprise from Jamie and Carly. Carly had hoped we'd get it in time for Christmas but it didn't arrive until a couple of weeks afterwards. They ordered a photo album with family photos and the next two photos are a few of the pages from the book, which show photos of Sophie and Leo.

The above photo is from a holiday in 2008 in Wales - we did choose good weather then! The last page had photos of Freddie, our latest Grandchild, which completed the album.

This coming Saturday I'll be going to a workshop with the Barnsley Embroiderers the first one I've done since moving up North well over a year ago and I'm really looking forward to this. I've chosen my fabric (from my stash, nothing new) and got the needs list and I've got everything needed. Let you know how I get on.

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  1. OMG you lucky girl, I love Radley bags. I had a gorgeous purse for Christmas, they are wonderful designs aren't they? Enjoy.


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