16 October 2010

Friday Night Sew In

No photos yet so I'll post those this evening.  Yesterday I took part in the Friday Night Sew In, though it was a case of sewing in front of the telly!  I had some binding to sew down after putting that onto a quilt earlier in the week and got it all done, so I am pleased that I set aside time to do this.

Earlier in the day I completed 5 "Wiggly Bags" to add to 5 that I'd done earlier in the week and before started on the quilt binding I'd threaded tape through the casings of the bags.  I found this tutorial a little while here on Florence's blog a little while ago and now I have some time out decided to make a few and will send off to the Liberty Rose Trust an organisation supporting children with cancer.

David and I are off to Peterborough today - he wants to go to a model railway exhibition and I'll go and have a wander around the town.

Will catch up with photos later.

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  1. Sue, what a great stash buster! I'll add these to my to-do list, thanks for the link



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