17 October 2010

This and That

Here are the photos as promised from my last post from the Friday Night Sew In.

Before the binding was hemmed
...and after.

Seeing all those colours in the backing is rather startling, but it works well with the stripy binding.  

As mentioned in the previous post here are the Wiggly Bags.  They're now ready to go in the post.

Earlier in the week I had a go at painting having another go at painting with transfer dyes. Once the paper has been painted it can be placed face down onto poly cotton or any fabric with synthetics in the fibre and ironed onto it. Haven't done any transferring yet, just painted the papers in red, purple and lime green and mixtures of the three colours.  I also printed some papers using the shaving foam monoprinting method.  That's using shaving foam and dripping colours onto the foam before spreading the mixture on a flat plat (I used a glass table mat)before placing the paper on top.  As more prints were taken the more the colours merged and turned into a lovely pale green with bits of the colours in it.  I quite enjoyed having a couple of hours playing.  A reminder that I wouldn't be doing this if I was working.
Here are my papers using the shaving foam printing
Transfer dye painted papers drying on the floor  

Papers made with acrylic paint rolled on with a brayer with elastic bands wrapped on it.
 Earlier today David and I went to Cannons Hall just outside Barnsley for a walk.  We'd passed before but never visited as the car park is pay and display and never having the right change!  Wonder how many other people are put off by pay and displays to go off elsewhere - we can't be the only ones!  It was a nice sunny autumnal day for a walk around the gardens and went inside the house for a wander round.  Whilst there I took photos of some metalwork sculptures made by "Paul" who was the person to contact to buy them.  They look really lovely so I couldn't resist taking the photos (shame I wouldn't have anywhere to put one).

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  1. Glad you joined the FNSI and got so much done too. Love your quilt. Those sculptures look wonderful, thanks for the pictures.


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