07 October 2010

Now for something completely different

This should be a sewing blog (it started out this way) but as you know I do divert to other places and things and I've decided to get to know .....cardmaking!  Don't know why but I am attracted to the special effects of stamping and the artwork used.  I do have a small collection of rubber stamps and stamp pads and as those who have had postcards from me will know that I have a personal stamp that I put on the back of them. So I've been to the craft shop at Elsecar Heritage Centre and joined the class there on Tuesday evenings and this Tuesday learned about alcohol inks, which are used on non porous surfaces so made a card front with a shiny card surface and another from cardstock primed with acrylic paint. Below is the result of the class.

I just had to have another go and went to my nearby garden centre which sells and see if they had any of the inks which they did so bought a couple.  I then made a bookmark from the shiny card remaining from the evening before and stamped over that with a flower stamp which just about shows up.

The quilting hasn't taken a back seat though.  I have just finished a Christmas present last night (so can't show on the blog now) and last week I finished sewing all 18 Christmas swap postcards (so can't show those either!).  There are a couple of items that need sorting and will get onto that this week.

Going back to Saturday I went with Janet to Quilters Guild Region 14 Regional Day at Clifford, near Boston Spa.  I did get us a little lost in getting there but we did get there on time.  We met up with Hazel who has blog called Cotton Cocktails, and although I've followed her blog it was the first time I'd met her.  I was a good day with a very informative talk from Carolyn Gibbs from Sheffield, followed after lunch by a mini workshop.  The workshop provided by Beryl of Leven Crafts was of a mini notebook.  Measuring just 2" wide and 4" high this was really sweet and handy for a little present. Having made one I can see a few more of these being made.  I really enjoy the regional days and its really good to meet up with other quilters.

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  1. Hi Sue. It was good to meet up last week and I enjoyed the workshop too.
    The alcochol inks look interesting - I may have to go shopping this weekend!


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