22 October 2010

More cards (again)

Seems that Blogger has picked up that I've done a blog post with "More Cards..".  I'm getting into card making a few more at class and having a go at techniques I've learned at home the next day.

So this was what I made at class - I think this could be a form of monoprinting - putting ink onto a craft heat mat and spritzing with water and spreading onto the card from the mat.  Wasn't too impressed to start off with, but with the stamping and addition of rubbing on more ink around the edges they were looking a lot better.

Here are samples from class:

A Christmas themed card, matted onto silver card on white cardstock

Another distressed effect card.

Then these were the samples that I made at home, bearing in mind my limited resources, though my collection of bits and bobs for card making are growing slowly. The first one I stamped and embossed roses and after the paint effect I stamped over pink roses, rubbed on stamp ink around the edges followed by a gold stamp pad on the very edge.  The purple bit is meant to say roses but these alphabet stamps aren't terribly good.

 And this one below I messed about with the stars stamp pad embossing some and stamping with a blue pad after and stamping with the remaining ink on so that some of the stars were faded.
I'm quite enjoying the Wednesday morning playtimes with the radio playing. There won't be a class next week ;o(( .  I'll have to find what I can have a go at next.

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