15 February 2011

2011 BQL Challenge

I belong to a Yahoo Group, BQL, and have been a member for many years.  I've taken part in challenges that have been set up the moderators of the group and one of them, Kandy, has set challenges in 2008 (the Bag challenge) and 2009 (the Perpetual Calendar challenge) and last year I took a year's gap.  You can see the items that I've made from these by looking at the photos in my Flickr ablum (on the sidebar). I've liked doing these because and item is completed each month rather than as an installment of an item in progress as I lose interest and end up with a UFO (Un-Finished Object to the uninitiated).

This year is with a difference a "Skinny" quilt challenge with a finished item to be swapped with another member.  I've not only got a piece made it also has a label too.  This challenge was to be made through January/February and amazingly there's still half of February to go.

So this is it, a re-visit to the "Ghost Images of the Orient" and more fans - smaller than the one I made in the workshop that I too at the end of November and this time in purples/pinks and I adapted to make 3 smaller fans for added quilting.

Above is a close up of one of the fans with one of the little fans.  It doesn't show up well in the photo but there is a rainbowy metallic thread used to couch the outline thread and also to quilt the little fans.

Talking of skinny (though I'm not the type that ever be that way) I have started going to a Rosemary Conley slimming class in Bournemouth.  My weight is the heaviest it has ever been (I was weighed in at the class with 12st 12.5 lbs, which at 5'2" is quite bad).  Going to class tonight and see if there's some progress).  Let you know how I get on.


  1. Your quilt is lovely. Anyone would be thrilled skinny (teehee) to get it.)

    Good luck with the weight.

  2. I love these fans, especially the backgrounds.


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