21 February 2011

Saturday and Reviewing UFO's

On Saturday I went with my friend Brenda to Parkstone for an event called "3 Corner Day", which is run by Jean. Originally as a Quilters Guild Area Day when she was an area rep but has carried this on as it's so popular.  There are 3 groups with 3 tutors giving mini workshops and the groups move around to each table after each mini workshop. This time Carol Dowsett was giving a mini workshop on making felt flower brooches, Becca from Becca's Quilt Emporium gave a lesson on using the Clover Yoyo makers in their different shapes and Barbara Cheeseman on making small triangle bags.   Its a very good day for catching up with friends, hand sewing and learning something new at the same time.
Here's the result from my efforts there.
Today has been a dismal day, raining most of the time and misty as well.  So time to go into the sewing room and start digging through my box of UFO's some things have been up to Yorkshire and back and not been touched and my thoughts are to do something about them or ditch them. Tough, but it has to be done.  First thing I got out was a cover that I made for my needlefelting machine.  Made from charm pack pieces of Kaffe Fassett fabrics into half square triangles I got stuck when making binding around the top and bottom of the cover.  Of course the top is awkward with a hole having to be cut out to accommodate the handle and in the first place I hadn't cut a with enough bias strip for this so cut another strip of purple fabric wider this time and that solved it.  So are pics of the front

and the back.  Job done, only took a few hours.  Why hadn't I done that before?

Another is an Ostrich challenge, like a Round Robin but you keep adding to the rounds instead of passing on to someone else in the challenge to complete the rounds. I think I started this  in 2005 as part of a BQL challenge. I lost interest in this and this remained a UFO.  I even had strips of flying geese (called Migrating Flying Geese in Karin Hellaby's book) to add to the strips.  I think this is all a bit bitty and I may undo the pieces and make them into separate items which may be more useable.

Another UFO this time going way back to 2001/2 is a single quilt size piece that was part of a birthday block swap - BQL offshoot.  The person organising this for 2000. Jayne, was celebrating her 40th birthday that year and as there were 17 of us (and only 12 months in the year!) we each had an "official birthday" and mine was March 2001.  We'd each requested a block and preferred colour/s and in some of my photos you will see a purple Flying Geese quilt which was made from the blocks I received.  Whilst making blocks for the other Birthday girls I made spare blocks and these were put together for this quilt plus some smaller ones as the middle block was 14" square.  It not a bad looking quilt but I hadn't got around to quilting it.  I must put that right if its been hanging around to 10 years so I'll make the effort and get some wadding and think about how I'll quilt this.

There are more things lurking in the UFO box but this lot will be enough to get on with.

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