07 February 2011

Oder out of Chaos

This past week has seen some sewing, some job hunting and more sorting out.  I've been into Bournemouth to the branch of the agency that I was signed up to in Sheffield in the hope of gaining temporary or permanent work and wait and see what happens on that front.  I've also applied for jobs that have come up on the e-mail jobs alert, though ones through agencies have the note "due to the number of applicants if you do not hear from our representative assume that you have not been successful...." or something like that.  That's terrible keeping people on a string like that, but that's the state of things in the job world at present.  But meanwhile....

I've got 2 postcards sewn and sent out last week. A belated one for Lesley in Edinburgh (similar to one I made for Claire last year (see here).

This one I made for Pascale in Wiltshire who requested Red and White.  I've gone back to a technique which I've not done for a while - fabric weaving, which I think looks quite effective in these colours.

At the weekend some things were sorted out in the house.  David replaced a wall mirror in our en-suite with one that has lights either side and a shaver point (this one here) and it looks very modern.  He's also resurrected some of our lightshades which we originally had in this house including this one with little crystal balls.  We found that we can get another one of this design so may do that this week.
He'd also fitted a new light cluster in the dining room too. Looks posh, but it came from Asda where we found that it was reduced - bargain!

I've not been idle either and managed to tidy the sewing room so that I can try and be more organised (or as organised as I can be!) when working in there.  I promise I'll try and keep this tidy!!

In my nice tidy room I made a start on a BQL Challenge piece.  Kandy on BQL had started a Skinny Swap challenge and I've got until the end of February to make this.  Following on from the weekend workshop that I went to at the end of November I decided to make a smaller version.  The finished size of the small piece is 18" x 12" (not that skinny I guess the size might slim down as the year progresses).  You can see in the pic above the greeny blue piece on the bed and the pic below is a purpley pink version and as I only took a few notes of what I made in the workshop it was to remind myself of what I made.  At the moment I can't say why I'm attracted to fans but recent work seems to be that.  Am I being artistic and working in series?  Here's my effort so far today.

The fans look a little lost in this pic but I've yet to couch some thread in and around them.  Quite pleased with the progress so far.

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