01 February 2011

Started Sewing

It's taking a while to get organised and I'm still not there yet.  I have, however been able to get the sewing machine set up on Thursday and do a bit of sewing and put borders on the curved pieced block that I made at the workshop in Barnsley a couple of weeks ago.  Here's a photo below of my effort.

And here's a view of my room now (the drawers at the front of the pic have been moved)

I've even had the chance to put up a couple of quilts

I have missed a birthday with the postcard swap and will catch up with that today (the birthday girl's day was last Friday) and there are a couple of birthdays this month so will get head (and hands) into gear to get that done.  Today's a good day for this as I've got to wait in for a delivery of a new washing machine - the old one (and it is old, about 13 - 14 year) has drum bearing wearing and sounded as though it was about to take off.  So here's a photo of a postcard I sent to birthday girl Janet which I sent before the move.

With our move to Poole came a strange twist in the tale of David's job.  From my posts last month I said that he was being made redundant and his notice finishes in March so he requested gardening leave to look for work and for moving back down south which was granted.  The evening before the removers came he had a call from his boss that his redundancy notice has been withdrawn as someone else had given notice to leave their job - we were shocked to say the least!  So as well as moving he's also had to work out how he'll work from home and hope to get a desk from a regional office to work from.  Meanwhile this week he's been headed up North.  Looks like a story that'll continue.

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