18 September 2011

Another Busy Sunday Sewing

I've progressed the quilt that I started last Sunday with some free motion quilting on Wednesday and adding borders today.  I wasn't quite sure whether to do some straight binding across the width of the fabrics that I chose or to "wonky cut" the fabric and add 1.5" on the width of the binding.  I tried one strip just to see and the give in the fabric was enough that I could just cut straight binding.  The end product is that I had a wonky quilt that drapes OK so that's good.  The size of this is 15" long and 11.5" wide (at the longest and widest points). 
I thought about whether I needed something more on the coloured strips, but no I'm going to leave that all I've got to do now is the label.

The inspiration for this is this quilt here, I called this one Branksome Chine and I made the blocks at a workshop called Chop and Go years ago in 2001 and the teacher was Janice Gunner.  I think that we were asked to bring fabrics based on a photograph.  Branksome Chine has cliffs that were in various orangey-sandy shades with dark green for the pine trees.  I not only completed the quilt but that had a label too (at a time when I didn't think of putting labels on my quilts!)

There we go, without that label I wouldn't have known when I made the quilt!

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