22 September 2011

Postcards and Knitting

As it will be Autumnal Equinox tomorrow I'm sharing with you some of the leaves cards that I've received recently.  These were my offerings which I sent at the beginning of the month here
And below are the ones that I've received from swappers Alice (with the coppery foiled leaves), Lesley (leaves on a hessian background) and Jacquie (the shaded leaf skeleton) and what a gorgeous selection of cards they are.
As a surprise I also got a card from Benta, who wasn't in the swap, but she won one of my postcards, this is just lovely.  I've taken this photo in artificial light (the nights have drawn in) so the photo doesn't do this justice.

Recently, it might be to do with the weather getting colder, I've taken to doing some knitting.  I bought the wool way back in the New Year, when we visited Whitby and found this wool shop in an old Wesley chapel called Bobbins (I've found they have a website here).  I later found a pattern in a wool shop in Wareham, started enthusiastically knitting the back, then left it.  Now picked the knitting up last week and completed two fronts (they now have to have the border knitted on) and finished a sleeve yesterday and now on the second sleeve.  The yarn I've used is called Riot by King Cole, pattern by Sirdar.  I have found since that this yarn is sold in a local wool shop (but was not as interesting as the one in Whitby!)

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  1. Thanks for the name check! I LOVE the wool and the knitting - I never got the hang of knitting, but oldest daughter has just started crochet and I'm hoping she progress!


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