12 September 2011

Sewing Sunday

At the beginning of the year, the BQL Challenge was a Skinny Quilt Challenge which involved various small skinny quilts according to the challenge set for 2 monthly periods or for this period 3 months. These quilts were then swapped with other BQL members who participated in this challenged.  I took part in the beginning with this quilt here, but since then working and time constraints meant that I didn't make any more.

So having got up to date with postcards I thought I would give this month's a bash and in an afternoon yesterday I made this quilt top below.  The challenge this time was making a quilt that wasn't rectangular or if it had 4 sides they had to be irregular.  So I went wiggly.

I started with a rectangle of blue fabric and cut that into 4

I joined some irregular strips of fabric

I cut the strip into 2 pieces lengthwise with the narrower of the two being used for the short strips in the quilt and the wider one used for the long strip along the quilt.  I then took the rotary cutter and wiggly cut the sides before layering up.
That's where I have left it for the afternoon.  Have to think about how I'll quilt it now. Quite pleased with how it's looking so far.

Meanwhile David has also been busy over the weekend, he had a shed to put together.  He had some help from Alex on Saturday to put the main body of the shed together and yesterday was making it watertight by putting in the windows and doors.  Its just as well as it's raining this morning.  Some parts of this have to be painted but the wood had been treated so there's not too much hurry. Here's how it looks.

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  1. This is so attractive. I love how your inserted strips make it look.


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