14 March 2012

Friday Night is Sewing Night

I've signed up to the Friday Night Sew In this Friday hosted by Heidi and I'll try to remember to post about it on Saturday morning before I go out for the day.  I'll be working on my Dresden Plate sampler and this is the progress that I've made on this block which I cut out last Saturday

I can only describe this as an "orange segment block" as it looks like the segments of a Terry's Chocolate Orange.  As you can see I've got to join the segments together before sewing onto the background.  This is the fifth block and you can see the other four in my previous posts.  The January one here as well as the dreaded pointy one (which still hasn't been completely sewn onto the background), one in November here and the first one in October here.

In my last post I'd mentioned about having all my sewing machines in the dining room whilst my room was being decorated.  Well it's all done - carpet was laid on Thursday morning and David made me a table to give me a cutting and ironing area here

He also put up a cafe rod on the opposite wall for quilt hangings
There are a couple of shelves inside the wardrobe
But that still leaves the mess near the sewing machine.  That's up to me to sort out - said it would take a while!

Some of you may know that David has a model railway in the garage.  He's just finished a warehouse building for it and it looks rather good. That was taken on the dining table - he doesn't have a lacy mat on the railway!!

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  1. Two crafty people! Love the orange segments too!


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