17 March 2012

Friday Night Sew In Saturday Update

Further to my post of Wednesday I started sewing my Dresden Plate block but I also started some new sewing.  As today is International Quilting Day, I joined a few friends at Corfe Mullen for some sewing and there was a challenge to make something with orange and another colour.  People who know me will probably not need to guess what colour  - Purple! 

I took my inspiration from Sew We Quilt blog, where one guest tutor, Quiltjane made some Four Seasons Hexagon placemats here as part of table runner month.  So a spent a Wednesday morning in my room with the radio on sewing away.  I then spent the Thursday evening at Bourne Quilters sewing in ends from quilting and last night I hemmed the binding - done!  So here's the finished article.

I also carried on last night with my Dresden Plate block and here it is
I've now tacked it to the background and started the applique.  I have made further progress since then today and the block is now finished!  Still got the block with the pointy points to finish though.

While out today we had a small project to make set by Brenda F to make some little birds just before lunchtime and here they are.  They aren't very big - only about 3 inches when stood on their paperclip legs, but they were fun to make.

I thought that I would take photos of the quilted items in the challenge

From a quilt to a tea cosy, canvas picture to wall hangings they were so varied.  A lovely day was had and a good way to celebrate quilting, thanks to 2 Brendas.

When I got home David bought me one of these.  It wasn't a surprise he ordered it last night and pick it up today
We're already an Apple household - our main computer is a Mac Mini and he has a laptop and i-phone. This i-pad is mine to play with (apparently!).  The photos uploaded today have already been uploaded on the i-pad too.  Let's see where it takes me....


  1. The place mats are super! An iPad, 3? I have a #1, I don't get very excited by technology, but I think ths (I'm using Ito comment) might be one ofthe things I rescue in the event of a fire! Ilove it!!

  2. I love your placemat. The colours work so well together.


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