04 March 2012

Away Days

Further to my last post when I said I would be away for a few days on a course using the embellisher and free machining, I've got some photos to show.  Kingcombe Centre near Toller Porcorum, between  Dorchester and Bridport seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, having ventured down Dorset country lanes to get there. No phone signal and very limited wifi I thought I would have withdrawal symptoms from not having the technology but we were kept very busy with sewing.

I made several samples of practice techniques, shown here
layering roving and yarns

Adding pre-felt pieces onto background and free machining the petals and leaves

Practising my bag piece
I made a corsage

I went on to make bag front and backs, but still a work in progress, which I hope I can carry on with next week.  The button eyes on the birds are from the buttons I had when at the Three Corner workshop day, I just had enough!

Here are some views of the Kingcombe Centre. Below is a view to the accommodation, called The Cowshed.
And just around the corner, along the lane was Beech House, where the workshop took place and there's further accommodation

And I took a photo of the snowdrop on the bank near the house.
Here's Brenda enjoying herself with her embellisher, making some bright pink pre-felt.

And she took one of me at work. We were surrounded by lovely countryside.
It was a shame to leave there. Returning home on Thursday afternoon, I found that David had been busy decorating and I took a photo of the room as it was.
He's taken up the old carpet and we've ordered and new one which will be coming this Thursday.  So this is how it looks today.
Looks like I will have a fair bit of sorting out to do.


  1. the name of the place makes it sound as if it is back of beyond!! glad oyu had a good time xx

  2. Looks like you had a great time, and David did a great job too


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