28 July 2012

And There's More....

A bit of time this evening to post some more Floriade photos.  The second area we visited was the Relaxation and Healing area where we walked through woodland from the Education area and found the Willowman.  This was a working art area where circles of willow had items attached to them, like leaves or feathers and a tag with a message on made by some of the people who visited it (a bit like dreamcatchers) and hung them onto the willow structure in the woods.  A bit way out but fascinating nonetheless.  Below are some photos that I took of this

 The photo below shows some clothing, like denim jeans with the bottoms of the legs knotted then plants were planted in the trousers legs, very odd.
After this area we went to see this garden with these strange looking creatures

And in the middle was this lovely sculpture made by an artist from Tegelen, near Venlo.

Then across from this was a dragon

It did breathe fire every so often but David just wasn't able to take a photo of it doing that!

Next was a trip from one side of the Floriade to the other on a Gondola or cable car.  It was amazing to see the sights from the air.  So we ended on another section of the expo called the World Show Stage. This was an area that had displays from different countries from the middle East to Africa, most of Europe to Indonesia.  Because of the number of visitors taking advantage of the nice weather these displays were quite crowded.
The Chinese garden was a favourite with us as we had memories of visiting a Chinese garden in Vancouver back in 2005, which we really enjoyed and this one was just the same.  We took a photo of ourselves just to prove we were here! (Not very flattering really)

Some lovely plates outside the Tunisian exhibition

Two of the raised flower displays in the Bulgarian exhibit

This was an unusual flower container, I think it was from one of the South American exhibits.

Then we saw three women on stilts dressed as birds, which was really strange.  It was getting quite late in the day so headed back but not before we saw this.  It looked like the plants had taken over the kitchen
Not much chance to getting any dinner there!
Don't even think about sitting at the table to eat either!

And the plants are even growing up the side of the wall
These two posts are just day one at the Floriade. There's more to come.

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  1. More loveliness thank you Susan. Those willows remind me of the trees at holy wells in Cornwall, festooned with tied on messages and pieces of ribbon.


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