31 July 2012

Heavy Plant Posting

You've heard of "Heavy Plant Crossing" here's a plant heavy post! This will be the last of our Floriade photos, but I feel that I have to share these with you.  One of the big glasshouses, the Villa Flora Stage, which houses collections of indoor plants.  Here there were arrangements of Kalanchoe (Flaming Katy), Cockscomb (Celosia) and other plants as well as orchids - lots of varieties of orchids.

This was a view from the cable car of the Villa Flora, the giant glasshouse.
All the lovely colours of Flaming Katy plants (liked the pots on the display too)

The Cockscomb plants with a close up.  I really liked the "frills" on this one.
Cyclamens in boxes
 A greenhouse inside a greenhouse!
This orchid is an air plant - no soil - just aerial roots.

Some orchids were arranged in groups like the one above or in pots from columns

There was also a "tunnel" that had individual plants that were showcased, here's just a few

David took a photo of me with an orchid "dress"

In the Villa Flora there's a mezzanine floor with exhibits from other countries and this photo is one from Japan made from Hydrangea flowers, isn't it lovely?

I took this next photo from the park and ride bus leaving the Floriade - this was on the side wall of a distribution centre of a shopping bag being held by a pin tack
I could have shown a load more photos but I think what I've posted the last few times I hope give a flavour of the Floriade Expo. It did take us the whole two days to get around the event and we were lucky enough that the only rain shower we'd encountered was while we were in a building.  Considering how rainy it was when going to Holland and coming back to the UK from there we did well with the weather.
Last week we spent our second holiday week "at home" and had one of the warmest weeks of the summer so far.  I even managed to get some sewing done so I'll show that soon.


  1. Thank you for all those lovely pictures. I have a feeling that many quilters are also gardeners and so will appreciate your flowers, as do I. The last time I saw orchids as spendid was in Singapore - Holland is much closer!

  2. Grow, so much to see - I've come back from holiday to loads of posts and phots from you, I've had a lovely time catching up!


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