14 July 2012

Friday Night Sew In - Saturday Catch Up

I took part in the Sew in with continuing my jelly roll quilt, finishing of a Dresden Plate block and trying out a small Japanese style block.  I continued this morning with the jelly roll quilt and its looking quite good so I can leave the quilt top for a week while we're on holiday next week.

So first off is the Japanese quilt block which I made from Susan Briscoe's book of 130 Little Quilt Blocks, which is quite a handy "library" of blocks ranging from Amish style to Japanese to Crazy.  When looking at the blog on her website here the larger version of this block, Igeta, makes some super quilts so after coming home from work gave this little block a try.
The block without the border is just 5.5" square but added on comes to 7.75".  Cute, isn't it?

While watching the television last night I sat with the Dresden Plate sampler block and finished hand sewing.  This is the last of six blocks I've made this year and will work out joining together with sashing soon, here a pic of the finished block
Meanwhile during this week I have been working on the jelly roll quilt.  With piecing done I ordered fabric for the strips and started cutting out and sewing on Tuesday and Wednesday and took over the living room and dining room in the process so was glad that David was working in Yorkshire for those days.  I continued yesterday evening with adding side strips and this morning with top and bottom strips so the quilt top is now done!

Decisions to be made about backing fabric and quilting it.  Do I do this myself or get it long armed?  It'll be left a week now so it's good just to get to this point.

David and I are going on holiday from tomorrow heading for Dover then by ferry on Monday and travelling up to Venlo in Holland.  We're going to be visiting the Floriade festival which happens there once every 10 years.  Never been before and we're looking forward to going there.

See you in a week's time.


  1. Wow. These are great projects. I especially like your jellyroll quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The quilt top is lovely! Looks like you had a fantastic FNSI. :)

  3. Some lovely creations, are you taking some hand sewing on holiday? Have a lovely time


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