26 September 2012

Couching Postcards

The swap this month is the technique of couching - holding down thread with stitching.  I made cards with a purple fabric background and placed lime green yarn (can't remember where it came from) and placed it around in a sort of circular fashion.  I then decided on leaves, being autumn although not an autumnal colour.  I ran out of the yarn but found green bobbly thread which is used instead. 

On these cards I carried the backing fabric over to the front, so made the backing half inch bigger all round and using my rotary cutter with the wavy blade to edge it.  I secured this with couching on thin ribbon or ricrac.  They will be going out in today's post so just making the end of month deadline.

I've received one card from this swap already from Carole

 Talking of couching I bought this second hand from the work intranet's sales board
An Ikea bed settee, which I have been wanting for my room as extra guest space.  My Mongolian Knot cushions look rather good on it.  David and I managed to get this into the back of my Jazz, with the back seats flat the car has a flat floor and pushing the front seat forward a couple of notches it fitted in!

And another birthday girl should have received this card by now.  Plum wanted an Aqua card so pulled out as many aqua coloured things to decorate this card

I used a wavy technique that was shown recently on The Quilt Show, but the seam allowances show up a lot so I will need a bit more practice so it doesn't show up quite so much.

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