17 September 2012

This and That

I thought I would share some postcards with you from the last swap. using a Found Object. 

From the top from Pauline, she used washers like I did, together with a feathers attached and sun-printed on fabric.  Bottom is from Irene with slithers of fabric and wood chain stitched onto dyed fabric. To the right is from Janet with a boat made from sweetie paper and veggie netting over some tablet foil fishes.  Very clever uses of these objects.

The next one this month is couching and I have made a start with two cards made. 
They may look blue but the background fabric is actually deep violet Fossil Fern fabric, to which I ironed on a stabiliser and machine couched some lime green wool yarn.  I used a lime green fabric for the back of the card and made it larger all around to fold over to the front and stitch down with couched ribbon or ricrac.

During the week I also received my Quilter magazine from The Quilters' Guild in the post and I found this article in there

this was written by Delyth Mattingly, from Region 9 (Cambridgeshire and Norfolk) but I recognised someone that I know closer to home than that and realised that the photo was taken of a local Regional Day (in Sturminster Marshall, Dorset). The person on the left in the white with a scraf is Hazel (facing the camera) and just to the right of her in the photo is me! I look to be preoccupied with eating an apple!

I puzzled how that photo could have been in the Quilter but figured later that it could be Janet McCallum, who is co-editor of the magazine and whose quilts are displayed in the photo.

This week I also visited a couple of quilt shows locally, one was by the Happy Patchers who exhibit their work at Wimborne Model Town  which is a pleasant place to walk around.  They had a quiz to spot 12" blocks illustrating film titles, it was quite challenging!  I didn't take any photos other than this one which one of the group made using the same jelly roll as I did with a different pattern.

Another was in a church by 2 groups of textile artists, so the lighting wasn't good for taking photos.

So this week will see more progress on my latest quilt and more couched postcards.

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  1. Lovely postcards. How funny to see a pic of yourself in a magazine!


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