10 September 2012

Last Gasp of Summer

After a lovely warm weekend today seemed a bit more autumnal.  David and I had a weekend at home and took time to tidy the garden.  The wet weather seemed to make the shrubs grow like mad so we had a session with the secateurs and pruning saw to make this little pile on the top patio.  This was shredded the next day and bagged to take down to the dump.
We have had a lot of disappointment with the veggie plot with only a few pods of broad beans, runner beans were gobbled up by the slugs and parsnips and carrots were non existent.  After a slow start for the rhubarb this year the drier weather then made it romp away and we harvested enough for a small crumble, very nice it was too!
 This fuschia was a happy accident, we never planted it, but there it is a little splash of colour.
But as you will see from my current facebook photo on the sidebar the plants aren't the only thing to be pruned.  My hair got the chop too.  It's naturally curly and the hairdresser made it go straight with a lot of persuasion, though today the curl has come back so I may have to resort to using some straighteners.

I have been sewing again and this is my latest quilt in progress.  This will be a throw for my room for when I have a bed settee in there.  The Chartreuse green goes well with the green walls in my sewing room.  I've laid this arrangement out in the spare room at present so I can move the blocks around before I sew together on Wednesday (my day off).  This is a kit that I bought from the Bramble Patch last month, called Pure II.

Has that look of Modern Quilting about it, doesn't it.  I've enjoyed the simplicity of just chain piecing the individual blocks and pressing as I go.  The kit includes enough material for front and binding and will have to look for backing material, but I'll be going to the Sewing and Craft show in Exeter in a few weeks so I might find something there that'll go.


  1. I love the combination of chartreuse and gray. This is really going to be great. Thanks for sharing your progress.

  2. the quilt top is looking good, wish id been there for the crumble, my fave!


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