30 September 2012

We Are Sailing

Yesterday my friend Brenda and I went to Exeter to the Creative Crafts and Hobbycrafts show.  This show was very busy with various local and national craft organisations and traders for sewing, knitting, beading and papercrafts.  I managed to visit the Quilters Guild stand so I could take a few photos of some of the We Are Sailing quilts and more importantly one that I wasn't able to take a photo of before it was whisked away back in June....mine!

So here it is

Since I made the quilt I kept the drawings that I used to make the boats which has been on my pin board all this time
And here are some more boats, including some by Young Quilters

They look really great.  That wasn't all of them, but all the photos that I took.

Brenda and I took part in some knitting with making a chain as part of a record breaking knitted chain (like paper chains) organised by the WI and the UK Handknitting organisation.  We bought bits and pieces, but the main thing was we had a good day, met a few people and the weather and traffic were kind to us for our journey there and back.

Earlier this week I finished some knitting, the cardigan for Leo.  Hope he likes it

I have a cone of brown yarn, which looks to be Aran thickness so I may start another for Freddie, probably same chest size but slightly shorter body and arm length.

And rather belatedly, I made a start on a 12" quilt for Another Little Quilt Swap, hosted by Kate.  Earlier this week she extended the deadline from tomorrow to 8 October.  I might just make that. The top that I have made is a mosaic style based on Elizabeth of Oh Fransson! blog in her tutorial page and I think this works ok. I wanted this to be in the Modern Quilting style, to be bright and fresh; what do you think?

Certainly brightened up the dull day we've had today.


  1. Some lovely creations, thanks for sharing

  2. I've never tackled Sail boats in a quilt before, yours look lovely! Thanks for sharing. :)


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