07 September 2013

Holiday Week 6

The penultimate week of my 'holiday' before starting my new job.  I think I've got to the stage where the novelty of a long holiday is beginning to wear off - heaven help me when I get to retirement!  I have been doing a tidy of my fabric stash and weeding out some "fugly" fabrics to await a table top sale sometime or to go to the bring and buy table at the next area meeting. 

I've made a few postcards up to the end of the year for the birthday swap and yesterday after sorting through some quilting magazines I came across a "Love Quilting" spring issue magazine which had this

To add to my owl family, how could I resist! Mum and baby only took a few hours to make, here's another pic
They're sweet, aren't they.

I've recently received postcards from the Sequins and Sparkle swap

From (left) Pauline, (top right) Jacquie and (bottom right) Alice.  Lovely cards of shimmery-ness.

This last week of my holiday will be a week away and tomorrow David and I are off to Cornwall with 4 days in St Ives and another couple of days a bit further inland in Camborne.  No doubt there will be a lot of photos taken from being out and about all week.


  1. have a lovely holiday and hope all goes well with the job xx

  2. Have a great holiday and good luck with starting the new job.

  3. Your owl and baby are lovely. My family originated in Camborne so I feel a connection to Cornwall and particulalry that area. Hope you have a good time. Good luck with the new job.

  4. have a lovely time, and look forward to the New job xxx


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