16 September 2013

Last week of Holiday

I've started my new job today, a bit familiar (working for the Council) but a bit strange (different department and location) at the same time.  I'm sure that given time I will get to grips with it, but it will be a learning curve.  Meanwhile I have been invited to join the ex-colleagues from my previous job for an evening out later this week, which will be a nice end to my first working week.

Last week David and I were on holiday in Cornwall, in contrast to the previous week's lovely warm weather, it had turned cooler and towards the end of the week a bit wet too.  Hoping for a bit of time on the beach it was just a bit too cold for that so we've been exploring.

On the Monday we stayed around St Ives and took a train ride to St Erth and return to take in some of the coast past Carbis Bay which was an interesting ride.  While David went back to the B&B to relax I stayed in the town and saw this very unusual sight around the harbour near the lifeboat station

A Stanley steam car, which attracted a lot of attention.

As I walked out of town later I heard this and two more steam cars go whizzing past to then struggle up the steep hill going out of town

Just about caught them with the camera!

Tuesday we took a trip out to Mousehole then onto St Michael's Mount, timing the trip so that we walked out on the causeway
The tide just cleared the causeway as water was lapping the edges
Lovely bit of sea kelp in the clear waters
Just got onto the Mount
With the lovely blue sky and water it could almost be tropical!
 View across to Penzance
The castle

A view to the gardens below (which weren't open that day)
Sun shining through the stained glass onto the chapel floor.  I waited ages for a chap to move and I hoped the sun wouldn't go in (he did move eventually when he realised what I was trying to take a photo of and took a photo of the floor too!).
We walked back to the car park at Marazion, passing the rock where there's the landing for the boats (needless to say there are no boats when the tide had gone out this far!).  The tide was way out so it was easy to walk across the beach.

We thought it was too early to get back to the B&B so we had a short visit to a tin mine at Levant

Some marvelous views along the coastline and to see a beam engine at work.  

More photos of our holiday to come.

P.S.  I may not have responded to those who wished me well for the new job, but thank you, it's very much appreciated.

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  1. Mousehole is lovely, wish I'd managed to get to StM too when I went, looks like you had a great time, hope you settle in quickly at the new job


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