07 January 2014

Blog 7th Anniversary

No pictures, just words.

Today is the 7th anniversary of writing my blog.  I first started this blog to write my weekly entries for Take a Stitch Tuesday, which was (and I think still is) run by Sharon Boggon on her blog, PIn Tangle.  I learnt quite a few embroidery stitches, using my collection of variegated threads and was able to use some of the samples in postcards.  As you will have seen from my blog posts I have made a lot of postcards over the years!

I didn't think I would keep this going, seeing as I would have a diary at the beginning of the year and it would still be empty at the end of the year.  What I do like about keeping a blog is some of the feedback that I get to posts and also following other blogs getting inspiration to try different quilting techniques.

Over the years its followed me from Poole to Yorkshire and back again, seen my family expand from one grandchild to four, various excursions home and abroad.  The blog had bought about contact with Janet and Barnsley Creative Embroiderers when I was Up North, which was so helpful in trying to get to know the area.  I've also made friends with fellow bloggers Lis, Bente, Quilt Sue, Julie and all my followers not only on Google but now on Bloglovin too.

I've enjoyed taking part of challenges and swaps through blogging too.  Another Little Qiilt swap run by Kate is one, and this Christmas took part in the Christmas stocking swap.  A mug rug swap has just started on Quilting bloggers which I'll take part in. The beginning of last year along with other bloggers I made quite a few scrappy Trip Around the Worl blocks.

I may not be as prolific a sewer as some, as I've always had to fit sewing around husband, family, work, but I am lucky that I do have a sewing space.  I enjoy writing a blog as an extension of my sewing experience and hope to continue to do so.


  1. wow! 7 years x thats a wonderful achievement x

  2. Wowee. Congratulations on your 7th blogiversary. That's quite an achievement and it must be fun for you to look back and see how various things have changed for you over those years.

  3. Happy 7th Blogversary :-) and congratulations for keeping it up. I am not so good about blogging regularly these days but I an certainly grateful to it for carrying me along on this wonderful creative journey that we've been on for the last few years. Blogs are wonderful for linking people across the world and for forging new friendships with like-minded people, not to mention, as you so rightly say, inspiration! Here's to your 8th year of blogging and more inspiration!


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