06 April 2014

Knitting to show

Linking with Wool on Sunday.  My socks have progressed to almost a pair, just the grafting on the toe of the second sock to do. On my last link up post at the beginning of March Catherine very kindly sent me a link to a You Tube video of doing Kitchener Stitch using knitting needles instead of a sewing needle, which makes sense, just need a little quiet time to sit and concentrate, but I'll get there. Here's my progress.

A few weeks ago I bought a book called 20to Make Knitted Beanies and last Saturday when I was in Southampton at John Lewis I bought a couple of balls of Sirdar Crofter yarn to make the beret design that's shown on the front cover.  There are a large number of stitches so have used a circular needle but knitting in rows rather than in the round.  Nice bit of knitting to do while watching the telly.  

Since the photo taken above was yesterday morning, I have since finished knitting beret while watching The Hobbit last night.  This morning it was all sewn up and ready to wear.

Woohoo! A finish! Now for those socks!


  1. I've knitted lots of things but never, ever, a pair of socks. I think I'm too scared. Did you find it difficult?
    I have tried the knitting method of Kitchener stitch on 2 occasions when grafting the underarms to the body of a childs cardi but I had to sit with my laptop on my knee and knit!

  2. my mother mad ONE pair of socks .. one was tight the other fell off! Never again was her printable comment xx lol x so well done x

  3. Well done, you for those gorgeous socks!! AND another 'yay' for the gorgeous hexie in the background...love it. You are a gal after my own heart. Love the pretty colours in your beanie...'tis a clever gal that you are!!

  4. Your socks are looking great and I LOVE your hat. I'd never have guessed that yarn would turn into such lovely stripes. I must investigate the knitting needle kitchener technique :) Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays!

  5. The socks are gorgeous a lovely colour combination and the beanie a lovely stripy colour too!

  6. Well done you! Now that you're not working are you taking orders for socks?????


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