22 April 2014

More blocks

Sunday and today, because of iffy weather I've stayed in and sewed.  I've taken a few blocks that I've made and decided to frame them so that I will later quilt as you go
I'm keeping the purple/red/pink theme on white on white background.  I've found I've got yardage of light beige tone on tone print which will be just right as it won't show through the light background.

I've recently seen a blog, Little Island Quilting, making quilts for children in Mexico City called Soy Amado and asking for quilted blocks.  I've pulled together some blocks that I've tried out with various methods, I wasn't sure what to do with them so I've machine quilted them.

And here are the backs

Today, I sorted out a panel of 8 jungle prints which I won in a raffle about a couple of years ago called "Jolly Jungle".  The print isn't true and with some steam ironing and starching to coerce the panels to square up a bit better, but cutting the panels straight this is what one of them looked like, not good.

See what I mean?  So I just cut around exact quarter inch from the edge of the frame instead of using the ruler to measure and cut straight.  Using strips of fabric to frame again I could straighten as best I can and trimmed the blocks to 12.5" square.  Now I have 8 blocks and could do with 9, so I'll have to find some inspiration to make a ninth.  I am thinking of using the striped and giraffe fabrics together either as arail fence or to cut wedge shapes to join together.

Feels good to be using up stuff.


  1. Could you do an appliqué for the middle block "jungle animals" or something?

  2. Looks good but how frustrating it is when those panels are printed accurately - it makes it look as if we can't stitch straight!!


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