14 April 2014


It's been a long time since I posted about postcards.  I have cut right back on making them because I want to make other things and felt that the time was right to move on.  I am still part of the BQLPC (British Quilt List PostCard) Yahoo group and signed up to the lottery swap that takes place this month.  There are 6 of us including me and this month I was the lottery winner, so no need to make a postcard but the other 5 sent to me.  Here are the lovely cards below.

Normally the members of the swap would post a photo of the postcard they send and because there was one missing in the group album, the moderator of the group asked me if I could take a photo of that was missing in the swap album.  No problem, I thought. Except that the lady In the swap didn't send a postcard, but another did who wasn't on the swap list! Confused? I was. So I posted in the group album the photo of a postcard that I have received but that wasn't in the group album (it was the one on the bottom right). I am really pleased with what I've got and the next time a lottery comes up I will be choosing a number for the moderator to pick the next winner.

When at the Quilters' Guild conference there were tombolas one of which was a postcard one, below is one that I'd won.  A pretty card but the maker is anonymous, which is a shame.
Pretty, isn't it?

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