23 April 2014

Playing With Headers

This afternoon I've logged onto Sew At Home Mummy's "Beautify Your Blog" weekly article and this time it's about Headers.
Sew at Home Mummy
I have struggled with this one, trying to get the photo adjusted to fit the header and have ended up using the photo actual size which looks pretty small and weedy.  I've used the Pixlr Express editor that Erin recommended and have got the header that you now see.  I used it on a test blog to try it out, liked it and decided to use it on this blog.

I then decided to do a collage of the recent Mug Rugs that I sent to Pam in February

Oohh look at that! I think I've impressed myself!  This may lead to more playing about.


  1. Oh well done! I read blogs on the phone mostly so I miss a lot of the effort people put in, but the header looks great, and the collage too

  2. Well done. I love the font you used in the header.


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