03 March 2015


I've never counted how many books I've got, but I do have quite a few as my bookshelf will show and that's not all.  There are others dotted around the house!   I tend to buy from the shows as there's usually either the Home Workshop or Kaleidoscope books.

As well as books I've bought from new I've also acquired a few books secondhand. One of these books is this one from 1978, which was published by the BBC, called Discovering Patchwork, from a television series about patchwork, so this is about 38 years old. It's in a good state, the pages aren't even yellowed.

So I thought I would take a look through as it's interesting to see the techniques used before rotary cutters, mats and acrylic rulers were used. Templates had to be drafted and the patches were mainly hand pieced, although machine piecing is also featured. English paper piecing, Amish and American block patchwork are the styles of patchwork in this.

There are projects such as an apron, cot quilt and several cushions and this rather fetching waistcoat.
Bags with EPP diamonds.

Very clear instructions about how to draw the templates for patchwork 

I'm pleased I've rediscovered this book and my brief review.

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  1. I'm so glad we have our toys now, I'm sure I still have the callouses from cutting my first quilts before I discovered rotary cutters!!! It's strange that they used that tumbling block example as it doesn't have the optical illusion of blocks tumbling!


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